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Over water, land, snow, or sand the Dedicam 4000 masters every terrain. High altitude is not a problem for the system. Test flights of more than 3500 meters above sea level were highly successful. The tool is stable in winds up to speeds of 30km/h without problems. The possibilities for use in close-range filming are endless. Through cooperation between the pilot and cameraman, the Dedicam 4000 can capture the exact images required by any director. Many production companies already rely on the Dedicam 4000. More flexible than a camera dolly and faster assembled than any crane. Available for use unbelievably quickly due to its convenient transport size and electric motor system.



Range: 180m radius with free line of sight
Weight: 9 Kg fully equipped with camera (Red Epic)
Camera:  Red Epic Zeiss lenses,16/ 21/25 mm
Speed range:  0 to 90 Km/h
Flight duration:  10 minutes depending on wind and required maneuvers
Operation ceiling: 4000m above sea level
Area of operation: Indoor, starting from small halls. Outdoor, also close to actors or objects. Over water, sand or snow without much wind turbulence below.



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282_18880004111_6977_n-173x220-RecoveredTo my immense pleasure, two young Swiss men recently accompanied me to India to shoot my new film called “Tiger Tiger”. We were shooting the film in the Sundarbans, one of the most dangerous places on Earth. It is saturated with king cobras, giant saltwater crocodiles, and ravenous Bengal Tigers. Our film is scheduled to be released later this year. I was astonished at their skills in maneuvering this flying camera (the “octocopter”) and the footage we got as a result of their daring and skills is simply wonderful. They are easy to work with, they are a pleasure to have on a shoot, and I only hope that I can work with them again soon. 

George ButlerFilmmakerWHITE MOUNTAIN FILMSNew York

spI have been working with Dedicam on over 25 projects in the last 6 years. They work hard and put a lot of heart and passion in everything they do.Over the last 6 years they have stepped up their game and made everything possible that they were asked for. They always push the limits or their drones and test new things that they build themselves – to make the pictures even better or reacher higher grounds – which impresses me every time Dedicam is reliable, professional, fight for every extra inch and add new angles and flavour to any project. They just make a huge difference on every project and for sure on any set – not just with their filming skills but also with their personality and positivity that they bring along. They are for sure the best drone team around – they work together perfectly – harmony and precision. Looking forward to working with you again soon

Bernhard SpahniCountry Sport ManagerRed BullLondon

wohere you go!
when i stepped out the reccee vehicle at the porsche test track facility in nardo close the sea, i told the producer “i know what they are going to say… it`s windy and we can`t fly!”
well, you guys arrived, yelled “yeah!” and shot the shit out of the place!
you proved my thesis of only getting usable crap from quadcopters wrong. and you haven`t let me down ever since… see you on the next shoot.

Bernd WondollekDOPdriven by creativesBerlin

mattThe Dedicam team opened my eyes to the endless possibilities of camera movement. Not only does the Dedicam system take your images to unreachable new heights, but they can also seamlessly integrate themselves into the harshest of documentary environments. I wish I could have these guys on every film!

Matt PorwollCinematographermattporwollBrooklyn, NY

claudeteBangladesh/India… flying over the Sundarbans in search of tigers in an area with narrow, winding rivers covered with mangroves… the Dedicam system was the only logical choice!  After five weeks of filming we ended up with the most spectacular shots I have ever seen.

Claude FortinCamera OperatorskygripMontreal, Canada

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